Which of these characters do you identify with?

God I knew they'd eat the apple. (Of course I knew it; I'm omniscient.) Give people rules and they disobey them. They'll be sorry.

Eve I think I'm glad I have the knowledge of good and evil. It makes the world more interesting, but also more scary. I just wish I knew whether what I did was good or evil.

Adam The bitch set me up. It's all her fault. Now that I know what evil is, I know that women are capable of it, so I don't trust them. Or the part of me that keeps pointing to them.

The tree I endure. If I am cut down, I will grow again. I have no ego. I am in total harmony with the environment. How awful it must be to be separate, to want the thing that is not.

The apple I am desirable and destructive. What fun!

Lilith I'm glad I ate the apple. Now I have a human mind; I can draw distinctions. I could not imagine science and art before this. Of course, Himself kept nagging me to seduce Adam into eating, too, but I couldn't see any point to sentient males. Finally, He kicked me out and rung in that bimbo, and I'm sure they'll try to write me out of the story.

The serpent That was fun, and now the humans are far more interesting. I'll check back in a while to see how they've done, and give them another hint. They'll probably crucify me.